hostmonster主机 gzip 网页压缩



Our servers have a proprietary setup for offering compression on data being served. When the CPU is not being utilized 100% for tasks that involve serving content, the server will enable compression of pages on the fly. When the CPU is being taxed more than usual, the server will disable compression to spare the CPU. There is nothing you need to do to enable this, it is the default setup for our servers and is the only way that we ever utilize/allow the mod_deflate module

大意:hostmonster在后台有自己的 mod_deflate 压缩设置,无需用户干预。当 CPU 的负载不过高时,会自动启动压缩;CPU 负载过高时会禁用压缩腾出资源让给处理。大致就是这个样子的。