使用live chat 联系客服,几分钟搞定(如果英语比较菜的朋友,可以看看用下面的对话):
Cristian [13:50]: Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today?
soft ware [13:50]: dns
[13:50]: hello
Cristian [13:51]: Hello
soft ware [13:52]: i want to addon a domain,but i donn’t want to change DNS
[13:52]: just change the A record
Cristian [13:53]: can I have the main domain name please?
soft ware [13:53]:
[13:54]: i want to addon domains:
Cristian [13:54]: do you just want them added on?
soft ware [13:56]: i want to create some website,and point to them
[13:56]: i’m chinese , english is poor ,sorry
Cristian [13:57]: ok, one moment
[13:57]: I will add them for you
soft ware [13:57]:
[13:58]: thank you very much
Cristian [13:59]: They have all been added
[13:59]: anything else?
soft ware [13:59]: i hope you know my mean
[14:00]: six domain , adden to six website
Cristian [14:00]: yes
[14:00]: I think I got them all
[14:00]: now you just need to point them over
soft ware [14:01]: you meanning i just change the A record ?
Cristian [14:01]: yes
soft ware [14:01]: ok ,thanks
Cristian [14:03]: Thank you!