Thank you for contacting Support. Please understand everything in this article:
Once you agree to everything, please respond back to this ticket and we will proceed.
If you have any other questions, please contact us back at your earliest convenience.

1.The rename Process normally takes from 20 minutes to 5 hours, depending on the size of the account.
2.The domain you are changing to must be associated with the account first.
3.The current main domain can never become the main domain again.
4.The current account’s username, password, files, databases and e-mails will remain unchanged.
5.The new primary domain will point to the public_html directory itself, the same way the main domain does currently.
6.The website files may need to be moved into the public_html directory and out of the public_html directory, to correspond with the new primary domain and assignment of the old primary domain to a subfolder.
Please note that this will be your responsibility to do, and may cause some site files, scripts or other applications to break, requiring modification to work with the new site location.
7.Custom DNS entries will be deleted for both domains involved in this change and will need to be recreated after the rename is complete.
Note: This most often will only take a few minutes, but could take up to a few hours.
8.Although renaming an account should not move or delete any files on the account, we do recommend creating/downloading a backup of all files and databases prior to requesting the rename. Please Click Here for information about creating and downloading backups.
9.The new primary domain must be registered to you. If needed, you may register new domains for $13.99 each, per year, via the Domain Manager in the cPanel.