申请退款也可以参考我以前的博文 Hostmonster如何申请退款



Supporter: [8:30:29 PM] Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today? Sorry for any delay as I am currently help multiple customers. ( 问你需要什么帮助)

costumer: [8:30:29 PM] I want request an refund (我想申请退款)

Supporter: [8:30:37 PM] what is the domain? (主域名是什么?)

costumer: [8:30:48 PM] (回复你的主域名)

Supporter: [8:31:21 PM] please verify the last four of the password and 7 digit paypal invoice number used on the account (问你密码最后四位和Paypal 财务号)

costumer: [8:32:18 PM] last four of the password is xxxx , Paypal invoice number is xxxxxxx (xxxx替换为密码的最后四位,xxxxxxx替换为你的paypal财务号<7位数字>)

找paypal invoice number的步骤是



然后点 billing history

最近的主机购买帐户就是了.  recent hosting purchase invoice number

Supporter: [8:43:20 PM] and what is your name? (问你用户名的)

costumer: [8:44:41 PM]San Zhang (回复你的用户名)

Supporter: [8:50:46 PM] Hosting accounts can not be canceled until you confirm you have off-site backups- NOT on our server. When a cancellation is processed, we IMMEDIATELY delete ALL of the content from the account. This includes ALL your emails, your files, and your databases. Once they have been deleted, there is NO possibility of restoration. Have you backed up all of your content off-site?

(主要问你是否备份了所有数据的, 因为删除后文件就没有. 这点不错哦,提醒你)

costumer: [8:51:12 PM] I’ve backed up all the files (已经备份了)

Supporter: [8:54:36 PM] Just to confirm, you have NO emails, files, or databases you need to or wish to back up, and I can proceed with canceling the account and deleting all data. Is this correct?

[8:55:55 PM] I can issue a refund of $91.40 (说可以退款你多少钱)

[8:56:15 PM] this will appear back to your paypal account in 24 hours (退款24小时内到你的paypal账号)

[8:56:33 PM] Do you want me to set your domain to DO NOT RENEW so it doesn’t renew in the future? (是需要我帮你关闭域名自动续费?)

costumer: [8:56:44 PM] yes (是,帮我关闭)

Supporter: [8:56:53 PM] One moment(稍后)

Supporter: [8:58:29 PM] The account was canceled and a confirmation receipt will be sent to your email when it finalizes.

[8:58:51 PM] is there anything else I can help you with? (还有其他问题嘛?)

costumer: [8:59:08 PM] no, thank you (没了,谢谢)

ps, hostmonster退款服务还是很好的,一天就到账